How It's Made

I get a lot of enjoyment out of making stuff, so I make it a point to create as much of these products with my own hands as possible. Here's what I use to make some of the stuff.


As of right now, the comics I sell are very modestly put together. I do all the imposition myself and print them out at my local office supply store, then run a few staples through the middle and they're good to go!


I create all my prints using an Epson Artisan 1430 printer. They are printed on Epson Exhibition Fiber paper, a nice professional grade photo paper, sturdy with a smooth luster finish.

Shirts (Coming soon!)

Silkscreened in my attic, usually on Hane's shirts. For the sake of convenience (and because I don't have an actually screenprinting rack), most of my designs are only one layer of color. I make most of them using photo emulsion and let them dry inside a cardboard box. Then I use the light duct taped to my ceiling to expose them. I can't say that I recommend this setup.